Please join

Natalie Schmidt,

The Founder/CEO

of both

"The Pink Bags"


"The Annual Conference Of Hope 2"

For an afternoon filled with stories and testimonies of

Bravery, Courage, Inspiration, and Hope,

 that will be presented by multiple types of  Leaders, along with Motivational & Inspirational speakers, with the privilege of  hearing from Survivors that have overcome the unthinkable yet

they continue to support & advocate for the ending of

Domestic Violence

By joining our Host,   "The Pink Bags",

for this Dynamic annual event, "The Conference of Hope 2"

 you will leave feeling Inspired, Uplifted & full of  Hope!

with a lasting impression for you to share with others

The Conference is also the Annual Fundraiser for

The Pink Bags. It is a critically important opportunity for us to raise proceeds, through the sales of raffle tickets, a portion of the musicians' sales of their CDs, and website donations that allows

The Pink Bags to continue fulfilling their mission

Raffle Tickets will be available for purchase come

February 16, 2022

The specific information on how you can purchase your tickets will be posted here. If possible, the link will be also provided so that purchasing your tickets will be incredibly easy. 

 We also will once again be having periodical

Calls To Action

during each segment of the conference

will allow our audiences the opportunity to

make a website donation.

Any amount is deeply appreciated!

Your generous donations will be  accepted right here on

The Conference of Hope's official website.

Simply locate one of our "Donate" buttons and there you will be able to easily make a donation of any amount,

using multiple methods.

Raffle Tickets will be for sale beginning 2 months prior to the event's date of April 16, 2022. The raffle tickets will once again only cost $5 each, with no limit on the amount that you can purchase!

Also, this year we will be allowing our audiences, who might have missed the opportunity to purchase tickets, the ability to purchase raffle tickets throughout the first-hour segment of the conference

via the official conference website. Those who purchase their tickets during this time will be included in the remaining drawings.

This year we have also decided to have the raffle drawings towards the end of each hour and a half segment!

So keep your tickets close to you for your chance to win some Amazing Prizes!

*Please Note - all monies raised from the sale of the raffle tickets, a portion of each musician's CD that is purchased, as well as any website donations, will all be an important part of the fundraising portion of this event