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  Natalie is the Founder/CEO of The Pink Bags & The Founder/CEO of The Conference of Hope2

a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization

Natalie donates The Pink Bags to women survivors of domestic violence

that are on their healing journey. Natalie is herself a survivor of domestic violence and mentors other survivors like herself,

Natalie has been awarded the Congressional Recognition Award for her service to make an impact within multiple communities. Natalie has also been Honored as a Service Hero by the TV show Service Heroes. Natalie has also been a repeat guest on the radio show KFNX.  Natalie is an advocate and Humanitarian for victims of abuse. She also is a Motivational Speaker bringing Awareness, Inspiration, Empowerment, and Hope.

Natalie is a mother to 4 Beautiful Daughters & is married to her sweetheart Brad.

Natalie finds donating The Pink Bags to be an Enriching, Fulfilling & Incredibly Rewarding experience as well as creating/organizing the annual Conference of Hope.